While we absolutely love special needs pets, we understand why they are overlooked by many potential adopters, who don’t understand what limitations a pet’s disability may mean. Some handicaps do pose significant challenges, while others us humans might think would be so hard to live with… well, for our optimistic and adaptable four-footed friends, they hardly seem to notice! Blindness is one disability that so many dogs and cats overcome with ease. Especially when they have the help of a thoughtful caring owner who doesn’t move the furniture around too often! But until more pet owners realize the ease and joys of owning a blind pet, they are often left homeless at a shelter. So we were just thrilled to see this wonderful video feature Petcentric posted about on a blind cat sanctuary! The video shows how these cats explore, play, purr, and love like any other. You probably wouldn’t even notice they’re blind! What a wonderful thing founder Alana Miller has done for these wonderful cats. You can read the full article and then click to watch the video at the end here on Petcentric.com.


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