kelsey2This is Part II of our Hero story about Kelsey & Sunny. You can read Part I here. Karma. This story happened earlier this summer, without much explanation or leads on who the criminal was that threw Sunny off the bridge. When Sunny was rescued she showed physical signs that indicated that she recently had puppies. Many backyard breeders force a female dog to mate, sell the puppies and then dispose of the mother, never facing justice. However this time would be different. Months later, the criminal who threw Sunny off the bridge, was caught when he was throwing two kittens down a sewer while admitting he was the same person who had thrown a dog off the bridge! (Read the full story here). When he was found guilty on 99 charges of animal cruelty (and is currently in custody in Louisville, KY) we couldn’t help but wonder, could he have been Sunny’s former owner, with Karma bringing him to justice?

This is a story of a true animal hero. Heroes are people like Kelsey and other folks that do the right thing and work to protect animals above all odds, even when it’s difficult. After Sunny’s rescue, Kelsey dedicated herself to teaching the community about animal cruelty and responsible pet ownership, including hosting a fundraising event at the restaurant, which she called: “Sunny Day: Shedding Light on Animal Cruelty.” There’s a lot of work that needs to be done on behalf of animals, but for now, this is one story closer that brings everyone hope that there is good in the world. Thanks Kelsey and Sunny!

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