whiteyWe are so grateful for all the amazing work that rescues and shelters do every day helping save homeless pets and finding them new loving homes. The Adopt-a-Pet.com family works hard “behind the scenes” to get those rescued pets seen by adopters, while the staff and volunteers at rescues and shelters are on the front lines: taking care of sick, hurt and abandoned animals getting them adoption-ready, taking them to events, scheduling meetings with prospective homes, and seeing the inspiring pay-off of a happy adoption. See below for one heart-warming happy adoption story sent to us by one of our rescue partners today! (ps. If you have a happy adoption story about a pet seen on Adopt-a-Pet.com, we’d love to hear from you too! Email us at info@cms.adoptapet.com.)

Dear Adopt-a-Pet.com,

On Wednesday, March 23rd, there was an informational news blitz about your site Adopt-a-pet.com. We have always used another website in the past, but on Thursday we posted our dogs on your site. I feel a miracle occurred. A senior dog we had posted for over 4 years on the other website got an inquiry from his listing on Adopt-a-Pet.com. Low and behold, the elderly couple made an appointment to come meet Whitey. It was love at first sight. They acted like they knew each other for a lifetime. There was a lot of petting and loving and hugs. When it was time for a decision to be made, there was no hesitation. Darrell, Velma, and Whitey all three headed for the door, all three went to the truck, climbed in and headed to Whitey’s new forever home. Whitey is 8 years old and so deserves a life of love, peace and contentment.

Thank you Adopt-a-Pet.com!
Jan Siener
Act Now Rescue