Katya-ImSorry2 I’m Sorry – How An Apologist Became an Activist is a new one-woman play that just opened in Los Angeles, starring none other than Adopt-a-Pet.com’s own Director of Partnerships & Promotions, Katya Friedman! The show is a mesmerizing journey following Katya as she bravely shares her deepest family and personal secrets, transforming her insecurities and directionless life into an inspiring tale of personal triumph and helping animals.

Katya portrays over a dozen different characters as well as herself… including two dogs and a cat! She transforms herself, her small stage and minimal props (a chair, and a few slide shows) into many worlds, including a family gathering in a Texas kitchen, an ad agency board room, and an animal shelter filled with people dumping their unwanted pets. Katya melds heartbreaking moments with more than enough humor to make the hour fly by!

Even reading the play’s program is riveting. It explains most of the events in this show are true, but a few are fantasies that have only transpired in Katya’s mind. All of the characters are conglomerations of people she either knows or has met in her imagination. And it reminds us to take Katya’s message and DO SOMETHING!

There are three shows left, Jan 21, 22 and 23. Prior shows have sold out, so best to buy your tickets online at https://www.plays411.net/sorry