Handling the loss of a pet is difficult. That animal had become a member of your family, and was built into your daily routines. He or she made you laugh, maybe even consoled you after a hard day, or possibly offered themselves as a loving companion during times of loneliness. Many people say, “I will never find a replacement.” While that is true, you can take comfort in knowing you were able to provide a safe home, well nurtured lifestyle, and an enriching life for your pet. This is something not all pets get a chance at having. As the weeks go by and the sting of losing your loving household companion begins to pass, consider adopting a new pet. After all, you were a good owner and your past pet will be happy to know you’re again providing loving nurture and care for another of its kind. Losing a pet is tough, but knowing you can continually help save the lives of pets is something to help ease the mourning, and celebrate as life goes on.

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