This seemed like an appropriate post for the Boxing Day holiday! What do cats like more than a cardboard box? How about multiple cardboard boxes attached together with cutouts creating tunnels and multilevel fun! We love what this awesome cat-loving owner did for his cat Rufus, to make up for having just gone through a painful ear infection. We were inspired to make a mini cardboard box cat castle for our foster cats holiday present, and though it wasn’t worthy of millions of views on YouTube like Rufus’ video received (you can watch the video below) it was a huge hit in our catio! What a great way to recycle large gift boxes or those inevitably huge online shopping boxes that arrive with the ordered item hidden inside of reams of packing paper. If you don’t have any boxes readily available, often a search of your local Craigslist can turn up people cheaply selling or giving away moving boxes, often just after the 1st or the 15th of the month, the most common moving dates. Please make sure your boxes weren’t used for anything that might not be good for your cat, and use nontoxic glue or tape to attach them together. The cardboard box cat castle configurations  — and fun — are almost endless! Watch the Rufus Tower video below to see what we mean.

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