Purina-Pet-Gear-Pet-Training-PadsYou’re being summoned to take a housetraining challenge! Purina® Pet Gear is getting behind their Ultra Dry Training Pads in a big way. These pads have an ultraweave design created to absorb faster and protect against leaks and paw tracks. They work great for training puppies, transitioning adopted pets into new homes, or supporting elderly animals who may have accidents from time to time. When the going gets rough, these pads will help you housetrain your pups.

Now running through December of this year, Purina® Pet Gear is hosting a weekly Dry Step Challenge: if you try the Purina® Pet Gear Ultra Dry Training Pads for one week and they’re not the best pads you’ve ever used, they will buy you another pack made by the brand of your choosing. Purina® Pet Gear is so confident you’ll love these pads, they’re happy to stand behind them! But we know that once you try the Ultra Dry Training Pads, you’ll stand behind them too! Best of all, your pets will be happier at home and so will you.