While different breeds of cats are known for distinct personality as well as physical traits, one of the cool things that we love about cats is how personalities also seem to run in certain colors, especially within mixed breed cats. Cat enthusiasts can often predict much of a cat’s personality just with a glance at their coat coloring! Another interesting predictor given by coloring is if the cat is male or female. Just like it is very uncommon to have a red tabby female (although we are seeing more of them now, it used to be extremely rare), cats with Tortoiseshell coloring are almost always female.  Do you know why? It has to do with the fact that certain colors are actually carried on different parts of the chromosomes. We’re not scientists but our friends over at About.com’s Cats Guide do a great job of explaining all about the color, sex and chromosome link, as well as how Tortoiseshell cats share a unique personality most often described as “tortitude.”

You can read About.com’s article and see their beautiful fall gallery of  Tortoiseshell cats photos here.

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