Purina-Dog-Content-Brand As you enjoy your pet’s companionship, a little extra effort on your part will teach him to be a good neighbor. Ideally this should begin when your pet is young.

However, at any age, a dog can be trained to obey at least the basic commands. One of the best ways to teach your dog obedience is to attend a dog obedience school. Kennel clubs, humane organizations and extension divisions of some universities offer obedience courses. There are also many good books on obedience training.

Many communities have “pooper scooper” laws requiring owners to clean up after their dogs. Law or no law, cleaning up after your dog reflects your consideration for others.

Daily walks can be a treat for both of you when your dog is trained to walk quietly at your side on a loose leash. This on-going training helps you control your dog so it won’t jump on people or on other dogs.

A fenced yard is one of the best ways to keep your dog from soiling or digging in a neighbor’s yard. If your yard is not fenced, check pet stores and catalogs for tie-outs. Two of the most popular are a swivel stake or a tree trolley. Many tie outs can be used successfully for dogs that weigh up to 250lbs. A tree trolley fastens to a tree, but allows a dog to run around the tree without the chain becoming tangled.

A barking dog can become a neighborhood annoyance. Excessive barking may be the result of boredom or anxiety when a dog is left alone for long periods of time. Regular walks and play periods with your dog and teaching it tricks will help prevent boredom. Click here to learn how to manage excessive barking.

Proper identification enables someone to contact you if your pet wanders far from home. Dogs should wear collars with an identification tag as well as have microchip or tattoo identification.