Dogs aren’t the only animals who get excited to see us when we come home.  Cats can give some of the cutest best welcome homes ever, too!  Just check out Fats’ video!  This adorable rescue kitty isn’t afraid to show his family how he feels when they come home.  Is there anything more precious than the offering of a fluffy, white belly waiting for some love?

If you have a hilarious, sweet, or funny video of your own pets welcoming you home, we’d love for you to share it with us!  Just click here and you can easily submit your video, and watch other entertaining video submissions while you’re at it.  Perhaps best of all, we’ll be creating a Public Service Announcement from the submissions we get!  That’s right, it means your pet could be a star!

Thank you for helping us promote pet adoption and for encouraging everyone to adopt a welcoming committee of their own from a local shelter.

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