Bad pet breath is not just an unpleasant odor – it can be a sign of dental disease! Just like with people, your pet’s teeth wear down over time and periodontal disease and infections can set in. And just like with people, dental disease untreated can lead to more serious problems, including heart and kidney disease. But unlike with people, your pet can’t point to their mouth and say when they have a toothache. This is why it is so important to prevent problems before they occur and get regular vet checkups to spot problems if they exist. There are many special toys and treats designed to help keep your pet’s mouth clean, but on top of regular cleanings with your vet, you really should learn to brush your pet’s teeth. Our friends over at PetParents know this isn’t the easiest mission to accomplish with dogs and cats! They have a simple three-step process you can follow to get your pet used to teeth brushing (click that link) if they’re not so keen on the idea at first.