• Litter Box Basics

    What is a litter box? Do you need to train a cat to use one? What is the best kind of litter box? First-time cat owners usually have a lot of litterbox questions like these! Sometimes us cat experts forget that what to us is a simple innate-feeling understanding of cats and litter boxes is […]

  • How to pill your cat or kitten

    Imagine how it feels trying to swallow an enormous pill without any water. Ack! From a cat’s perspective, making them to swallow a medication pill or capsule without a liquid chaser probably feels worse than than what you just imagined, given the relative size of the pill to the cat’s throat.  That’s one reason why […]

  • Cats agree: bigger litter is better!

    Ten out of ten cats agree: bigger is better when it comes to the preferred size of their litter box! In my informal study conducted over the past few years thanks to my cooperative foster cats, I tested out a wide range of litter box sizes and styles.  I’ve also talked to hundreds of cat […]

  • Cat with a view

    There’s no question that cats who live indoors-only live longer, healthier lives.  Since we want them to live long, healthy, HAPPY lives too, it is up to us cat caretakers to add hunting, watching, chasing, pouncing, sniffing, hiding, and listening enrichment to their indoor environment. One way to add a bunch off that checklist is […]

  • Why Water is So Important for Cats

    Cats, as the story goes, don’t like water. If you’ve ever tried to give a cat a bath you might have told that story! But water is critically important to a cat’s good health, just as it is to humans and other mammals. The challenge with cats is that they evolved from desert carnivores, who […]

  • Cat Basic Care

    Here are some articles about basic cat care to help you prepare and for when you’ve just adopted a cat or kitten! Bringing Home Your New Cat or Kitten Your New Cat or Kitten’s First Day Cats agree: bigger litter is better Litter Box Training Saves Lives Cat with a view Making Your Home More […]

  • The Miracle of Cat Nail Caps

    It still amazes me how many cat owners, soon-to-be owners, fosters, and even rescuers are unaware of the miracle of cat nail caps. Then I remember that I too was once unaware of these scratch-preventing innovations. They now rank on my top 5 list of world’s best inventions along with electricity and hot running water! […]

  • Making Your Home More Cat Friendly

    Here, kitty kitty.  Adopting a cat sure can turn you house into a home!  If you’re ready to adopt a feline friend, you may first want to make certain that your home is cat friendly.  By taking a little inventory and double checking your set up, you can make any necessary changes and then rest […]

  • How to trim your cat’s nails

    Ideally, cat nail clipping is something you start at very young age, always trying to make it as pleasant an experience as possible – often just doing a nail or two at a time. This gets them used to the sensation, and then as they grow up, they continue not to mind having their nails […]

  • Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter your Dog or Cat

    For those of us who understand the benefits of spaying and neutering our dogs and cats, it can be hard to comprehend why anyone wouldn’t get their their pets fixed. Those in the know can help by sharing knowledge of the benefits, and debunking the all-to-common myths that are still believed by too many pet […]