• 3 ways to stop your cat from chewing

    Cats like to chew and bite! It’s part of their nature, stemming from their wild predatory heritage. Even tiny baby kittens will pounce and bite on their litter mates or mom cat’s tail, as the instinct is strong from that early on. Since we’ve domesticated cats as house pets, part of our job is to […]

  • Understanding your Cat’s Body Language

    Cat’s haven’t figured out to talk human (yet!) but through vocalizations, body language, and demeanor your cat is a skilled communicator. Ears are one of the easiest indicators to read, especially if you’re not that familiar with cats. If a cat has tensely flattened his ears back or down and to the side, take those […]

  • What can you do if your cat bites you?

    Cat bites are not fun! This article is to help you with knowledge and tips for avoiding future cat bites from your pet cat. If you are reading this because you just got bitten by a cat, please know this is not an article about the medical care you may need. Instead, please go immediately […]

  • Cat communication: purring

    Cats communicate with each other and with humans in many ways. Body language and meowing are an important part of their vocabulary, but so is purring! Purring is that wonderful low smooth rumble that cats can emit without opening their mouth or moving anything we can see, like a fancy sports car idling. Humans can’t […]

  • Mrrrrrowwwww! Nighttime cat yowling help

    Just as you drift off to dreamland, a small lion starts yowling in your living room… not really, but if you’ve had your sleep interrupted by a cat’s nocturnal caterwauling, you may have thought it would sound about the same! The word “caterwauling” according the Webster dictionary is “to make a harsh cry; to protest or […]

  • How to Get an Unwilling Cat Into a Carrier

    Many cats have only bad associations with that horrible plastic and metal torture device humans call a cat carrier. “You capture me, put me in a noisy moving terrifying car, then we end up at the vet! And you want me to go back in there?” Trying to get an unwilling cat into a cat […]

  • Cat Behavior and Training

    Cat behavior can sometimes feel like your in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, and cat training is trying to negotiate a business deal while you’re there. But never fear, our kitten and cat behavior and training articles are here! How to Solve Your Cat Litterbox Problems Litter Box Training Saves Lives! […]

  • Clicker Training 101

    Clicker training is an effective and fun training technique used to shape a desired behavior without the need to force, intimidate, or punish dogs while they learn. Small, easy to carry clickers are used to mark and identify a desired behavior from your pet, and the “click” is often followed by a treat or praise. […]

  • How to Solve Your Cat Litterbox Problems

    One of the most frustrating behaviors for a cat owner is litterbox issues. If only cats could talk to tell us why they weren’t using their litterbox! There are so many reasons cats completely stop or won’t use their litterbox all the time. It can take some detective work to figure out the reason or […]

  • The Midnight Kitten Zoomies

    If you’ve ever lived with a kitten, the expression “Midnight Kitten Zoomies” probably needs no explanation! Our feline friends are by nature nocturnal, and since kittens have boundless bucketfuls of youthful energy, nighttime is playtime for our kitten friends. For the humans sharing the household – and sleeping spaces – with one or more party-all-night-long […]