• Book Review: Catification by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin

    Can you see the excitement on my foster cat’s face? He has been listening to me oooh and ahh over the ideas in Jackson Galaxy’s newest book Catification – Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) and he can’t wait for me to get started on some of the projects I bookmarked! […]

  • Video: Scooter the Neutered Cat

    Hip spectacles. No testicles. Meet Scooter, the suave neutered cat. He’s making it his mission to educate cat lovers on the importance of spaying and neutering. Check out his video for some great wisdom. Plus, he’s adorable!  

  • Are covered litter boxes better?

    To cover or not to cover, that is the question! A question for you and for your cat. There are a number of pros and cons to covered vs uncovered litter boxes. For humans, in the pro column, they visually hide your cat’s bathroom, and going to the bathroom. If your cat is one who […]

  • Halloween pet costume fun!

    Does your pet like being dressed up in silly costumes and making you smile? I know my dogs do! They might not be thrilled with the process of getting the costume on and perfectly adjusted, but once the velcro straps are secure, you should see how they strut around! They especially love the “treat” part […]

  • DIY make The World’s Biggest Litterbox

    Are you looking for help with a cat that is peeing outside the box? This article may be your instant easy fix! Maybe it’s not verifiably The World’s Biggest Litterbox, but the enormous litter box that my vertical urinating foster cat inspired me to create is the biggest I’ve ever seen! (Yes, that’s a photo of the […]

  • Cat with a view

    There’s no question that cats who live indoors-only live longer, healthier lives.  Since we want them to live long, healthy, HAPPY lives too, it is up to us cat caretakers to add hunting, watching, chasing, pouncing, sniffing, hiding, and listening enrichment to their indoor environment. One way to add a bunch off that checklist is […]

  • DIY Floor to Ceiling Sisal Cat Pole – Video!

    For some time I’ve been eyeing some of the amazing Ikea Stolmen pole creations creative DIY folks have been constructing for cats. But the latest discovery on the Hauspanther blog (formerly ModernCat.net) may be the one that motivates me to brave the Ikea crowds and break out the drill and nontoxic glue gun. Looks like […]

  • Cat Tips

    We cover a lot of cat and kitten topics in our blog articles! The ones we have listed here are our favorite cat tips that don’t really fall into the other categories, but are filled with lots of helping information! Help, I found a stray kitty I need to find a new home for my cat […]

  • Amazing Cat Cardboard Box Castle

    This seemed like an appropriate post for the Boxing Day holiday! What do cats like more than a cardboard box? How about multiple cardboard boxes attached together with cutouts creating tunnels and multilevel fun! We love what this awesome cat-loving owner did for his cat Rufus, to make up for having just gone through a […]

  • Help, I found a stray kitty!

    Meow! Meow! Meow! Cat rescuers seem to have built in super-hearing when its a cat or kitten’s cries for help! I’ve been asleep and woken up by hearing a meowing kitten under a car in front of my house in the middle of the night. What do you do if you find a stray kitten […]