• The Puppy Manual from Adopt-a-Pet.com

    Getting ready to adopt a new puppy? Adopt-a-Pet.com’s “The Puppy Manual” is not a complete guide to raising a puppy – there are entire books devoted to that topic! However it is a super-helpful and concise 21 pages covering the basics, to help you prepare for the arrival and first few months with your new […]

  • How to trim your dog’s nails

    Knowing how to cut or grind down your dog’s nails is an important skill for any dog owner… or knowing your can afford to take your dog to a groomer or vet to have them trimmed every four to six weeks! I’m sure I inherited part of my fear of clipping a dog’s nails from […]

  • Dog Basic Care

    Here are some articles about basic dog and puppy care to help you care for your dog or puppy! Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter your Dog The Puppy Manual from Adopt-a-Pet.com Puppy Basics – tips for a good start How to Raise a Friendly Puppy How to Crate Train your Puppy or Dog Introducing […]

  • Introducing Your Dog to the Crate! (Video)

    Using a crate (small safe place) to have your dog remain while you are gone should only be done to protect your dog, or for a dog who gets very nervous when left alone.  Confinement to a crate should NEVER be used as punishment.  A nervous dog should love being in their safe small place. […]

  • How to keep a dog off kitchen counters

    Sometimes as a new puppy grows up, they suddenly reach a size where they realize if they stand on their back legs, they can help themselves to those delicious-smelling things you put on the counter for them! Of course you don’t really leave it there for them, but for a puppy or dog to understand […]

  • Pay Attention to What You Want – Not What You Don’t!

    Too often, we pay attention to our pets when they’re exhibiting the behavior we don’t want them to do.  It’s important to keep in mind that any time you look at, talk to, or touch your pet — meaning any time you pay attention! — you are reinforcing the behavior they’re participating in at that […]

  • Teach your dog not to jump up on people

    It’s natural for a puppy to jump up on other dogs to say hi, and some dogs might be trying to make themselves taller than another dog to show a higher status in the social pack. Dogs may jump on people either as a friendly greeting, or when trying to establish dominance too. Many people […]

  • Stop singing the Housebreaking Blues

    Are you at the end of your rope (um, leash?) cleaning up from your new dog’s housebreaking accidents inside? Feel like you’ve tried “everything” and your new furry family member still can’t seem to figure out that going to the bathroom on the rug is fraying your nerves ragged? Not to fear, potty busters are […]

  • How to Raise a Friendly Puppy

    How do you raise a friendly puppy? Puppy socialization is key! That means exposing your puppy or young dog to a variety of people and situations so he or she becomes accustomed to them. For young puppies, between four and twelve weeks is a critical stage for socialization, and is a period when they quickly […]

  • Housetraining Your Dog or Puppy

    Happily, housetraining your new dog or puppy can take patience and time, but it is usually not complicated! We have lots of experience from housetraining many foster dogs and puppies, and helping new adopters to easily and kindly train their new canine family member to take care of ‘business’ in the appropriate potty spot. We […]