• Picking a name for your new pet

    As pet parents, you can have just as much fun coming up with names as human parents do. Plus, the process allows for more creativity; you don’t have to worry about mean playground rhymes or making relatives happy. If you’re leaning toward getting creative with your pet’s name, wait and get to know his furry […]

  • Teach your dog to come when called, and be the envy of the dog park!

    Recall, or coming when called, is an incredibly useful skill for all dogs to have. While it’s often used to keep your pup safe when exploring off-leash, you can also use it when your dog is playing with other dogs to keep the play relaxed and fun! As you can imagine, being able to have […]

  • Pet Mess? Quick Tips for Cleaning Furniture

    Photo courtesy of Joseph Koelbel Architect in Brooklyn, NY When removing stains and other pet debris from your furniture, you don’t want to spend half an hour or more on the project. Sometimes — in the worst cases — the stains are deep and require a lot of work or a professional cleaning service — […]

  • Tips for a happy New Year’s Eve with your pets

    Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve is tonight. Are you and your pets ready? If you’re having a party at your house, consider safely containing even the most social party animal for his and her safety. You may think your pets seem happy, but cats, dogs and other pets are excellent at hiding stress (a […]

  • Do dogs like to be pat on the head? (With videos!)

    There’s just something so appealing about the smooth or shaggy top of a dog’s head. Cats too, but humans haven’t passed down the tradition of patting a strange cat on the head! The truth is, most dogs don’t like be patted – as in a tap tap tap motion with our hand – on the […]

  • The Puppy Manual from Adopt-a-Pet.com

    Getting ready to adopt a new puppy? Adopt-a-Pet.com’s “The Puppy Manual” is not a complete guide to raising a puppy – there are entire books devoted to that topic! However it is a super-helpful and concise 21 pages covering the basics, to help you prepare for the arrival and first few months with your new […]

  • Halloween pet costume fun!

    Does your pet like being dressed up in silly costumes and making you smile? I know my dogs do! They might not be thrilled with the process of getting the costume on and perfectly adjusted, but once the velcro straps are secure, you should see how they strut around! They especially love the “treat” part […]

  • Dog Tips

    We cover a lot of dog and puppy topics in our blog articles! The ones we have listed here are our favorite dog tips that don’t really fall into the other categories, but are filled with lots of helping information! The Puppy Manual from Adopt-a-Pet.com 20 Ways To Be a Better Pet Parent Dog Nutrition Questions […]

  • Helpful Tips For Kids And Dogs

    Making sure that your children have positive encounters with dogs, whether it be their own family pooches or other dogs, is important for the safety of your kids. It’s also a great way to ensure that you raise compassionate people who are both respectful about and comfortable with animals. Whether or not you or your […]

  • Help! There’s A Stray Dog In My Neighborhood!

    My friend Kate called me the other evening in a panic, screaming, “there is a small white Terrier mix running around my neighborhood!” Being an animal lover herself, when she saw this little fellow running around, Kate immediately parked and got out of her car to try and catch him. Probably scared from the chase, […]