• What Does It Mean When My Cat Sheds Rapidly?

    There are many reasons I’m in awe of cats.  Number one, they’re so cool, calm and collected!  Number two, they’re confident – brazen even.   Personality wise alone, there is a lot I can learn from a cat! A third reason I’m amazed by felines is that despite their independence, they have huge emotional capacity.  Cats […]

  • How much do cats need to sleep?

    If you spend any time with cats, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of their quality time is devoted to snoozing. Kitty sleeps up to sixteen hours a day, which means that two thirds of her life may be spent in dreamland. Your feline friend may have taken it upon herself to give you a […]

  • What is Lyme Disease and How Can I Protect My Pet?

    Ticks get very active in late spring and summer, and they can carry several diseases including lyme disease. Both people and their pets are at risk. Unfortunately, lyme disease can be very difficult to diagnose. The symptoms are often vague and can include lethargy, joint pain, and fever. If you live in an area where […]

  • Why is flea and tick control so important?

    Fleas and ticks are tiny pests that can cause big problems, and the damage isn’t just skin deep. Animals can ingest fleas containing tapeworm eggs, which then hatch in their intestines. In a flea-ridden area, the same thing can happen to a child. Ticks can also carry a variety of diseases, including Lyme Disease, Rocky […]

  • How can I help my cat avoid hairballs?

    Cats are fastidious and groom themselves frequently with their tongues, so they can inadvertently swallow a lot of hair. The result for some cats is horrendous hairball hassles. It’s not only a problem for long-haired kitties. Because a cat’s hairs are replaced roughly every thirty days, even short-haired cats can ingest a lot. Usually this […]

  • Common Feline Ailments

    Cats can develop a variety of health conditions. Prevention is a big part of staying healthy. But you should also watch for general signs of health conditions and contact your veterinarian when you notice a problem or anything out of the ordinary. When it comes to identifying and treating problems, rely on your veterinarian and […]

  • What causes urinary stones in cats?

    Bladder stones in cats are rock-like bits of minerals that form in the bladder. The correct name for them is “uroliths.” But a bladder stone by any name is a pain for your cat. The stones may be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a pea. The most common idea […]

  • What are the signs of feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD?

    If your cat shows signs of straining in the litter box, or if you see blood in the urine, it might be a sign of feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD. This disease is actually a collection of conditions that affect the bladder and urethra of cats. Cats with FLUTD experience pain and have […]

  • What is Feline Leukemia?

    Cat owners cringe when a pet is diagnosed with feline leukemia because this viral disease is often fatal. It can leave its victims in such a debilitated state that they die of secondary infections or related illnesses such as kidney disease, blood disorders, or cancer. Shed in saliva, nasal secretions, urine, and feces, feline leukemia […]

  • Taking care of a sick kitten with other pets.

    Your heart goes out to a sick kitty and you decide to take him home. You’re doing the little guy a favor — but you could be endangering your other pets. So make sure to take appropriate precautions. First, make sure that all of your pets are properly vaccinated, and that the kitten’s illness is […]