• What are your pets thankful for?

    What are you and your pets thankful for this Thanksgiving? Love Kindness Generosity Charity Tell us and share a photo of your pet on our Adopt-a-Pet.com Facebook page! Check out our previous Thanksgiving and Black Friday articles too: This Black Friday adopt a black pet! Traveling with your Pet Thanksgiving Day? Pet Travel Tips for […]

  • Why do dogs chew?

    Our friends over at Purina created this simple graphic to help you understand some of the key reasons that puppies and dogs often like to chew. It’s important to give your puppy or dog appropriate chew toys and treats so they can have relieve pent up stress and energy… and have some fun! It’s also […]

  • How can I find a new home for my pet?

    Adopt-a-Pet.com has a program available for individuals in the U.S. who need help with cat or dog rehoming. See more info at rehome.adoptapet.com and read our tips below! Thank you for caring enough to try to find a good home for your pet! (If you are looking to find a new home for a pet […]

  • In Dog Years… a poem

    In Dog Years… I know you have fought so hard to keep me and struggled to let me go, but the time has come for me to meet my maker and see the world from the other side. My purpose here is complete. I lived my life by example, the way I was designed to […]

  • The Most Pet Friendly Cities in the U.S.

    Most pet owners think of their pets as much more than just animals. Often, our pets are considered a part of our family, and like any family member, you want to find a city or town that’s good for them. When you have kids, you choose a location based on good schools, safe neighborhoods, and […]

  • Exercise for You and Your Dog

    There’s nothing your dog likes more than spending time with you. Pair that with your dog’s need for exercise, since our pets can be overweight just like humans, and playtime is a great way to bond as well as keep you and your dog in shape. I enjoy taking long walks or jogging around the […]

  • Happy Pet Valentine’s Day

    How deep does your love for your pets run? St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals, but we’d like to adopt Saint Valentine for all the pet lovers out there too! February 14th may be the official day to send valentines and gifts to your loved ones, but you know how some […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • The Most Heartwarming Pet Movies

    Films about dogs, cats and a number of other pets abound in Hollywood; and there’s a reason why. To this day, I can’t even think about the final scene in Homeward Bound without wanting to cry – tears of joy, of course! And I’ll never forget sitting in my 6th grade class watching Where the […]

  • Can dogs detect cancer?

    Can dogs detect cancer? Yes! Our friends over at Petcentric tell the story of an amazing connection between a woman and her dog — a special bond that helped save one life and help many others. Deborah Greco, DVM, Ph.D, has dedicated her life to wellness. She’s the former Chief of Medicine at The Animal Medical […]