• Pets and Coronavirus: Preparing to keep the whole family safe from COVID-19

    If you’ve been keeping up with the news — or reading your Facebook timeline — you’ve likely heard about the coronavirus (officially named COVID-19) and may be wondering what actions to take to keep yourself safe. And if you’re a proud pet parent, you’re probably also wondering how your pets might be affected.   The […]

  • Protect your Pet’s Heart With These 5 Tips

    We love our pets with all of our hearts, there’s no question about that! But when it comes to protecting their heart health, many owners are in the dark. Learn our top 5 tips for keeping your pet’s heart as healthy as possible!

  • 5 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

    Halloween is almost here!  In addition to coming up with costumes, remembering to buy candy, and making party plans, there’s one more thing to think about at Halloween time: your pet’s safety.  Here are five tips for keeping your pet nice and safe on the night of the ghouls: Keep all candy safely out of […]

  • Seven Steps to Fight Fleas on Your Pets – and Win!

    Fleas are no fun! Many of us feel overwhelmed when they pop up repeatedly, but as long as your puppy, dog, or kitten is older than seven weeks and otherwise healthy, we’ve found some strategies to help you safely get rid of fleas on your pets and in your home. Below are seven steps to […]

  • Find pets missing after disasters at findmylostpet.com

    Big news! Animal welfare organizations and companies have come together to help families find their missing pets following natural disasters like hurricanes at FindMyLostPet.com, a brand new website dedicated to the mission of uniting lost pets with their homes. FindMyLostPet.com has powerful search capabilities that can be used to find pets that are missing from hurricanes as […]

  • How to Help a Choking Pet

    It was a picture-perfect Thanksgiving in Thomasville, Pennsylvania.  A patchwork of red, orange and gold leaves blanketed the ground while a smattering of green still clung to the branches above.  The house was filled with idle chatter while all anxiously awaited the Holiday Meal.  Suddenly Brutus, a 90 lbs. Rottweiler, entered the room with an […]

  • Bite Like A Rattler, Sting Like A Bee… First-Aid Tips to Help Your Pet

    One late summer morning, two Scottish Fold kittens were playfully exploring their fenced yard when Rudy caught Abigail off guard and bounded at her from behind the rose bushes.  As Abby took a tumble landing dazed and confused, a bee buzzed passed her.  The twosome, quickly distracted by this new found fun, attempted to play […]

  • 5 Essential Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners

    Summer is the perfect time for fetch, runs, hikes and lots of other fun activities with your dog. But it’s important to remember to keep your pet safe during warmer weather. Here are five tips to keep your pup safe and happy this summer: 1. Provide a cool place to rest. Give your dog a […]

  • Get to Know Your Pet from Head-to-Tail

    Cindy couldn’t exist without pets in her life, but working a 40-hour week to pay for her small apartment, made it difficult to share her life with an animal who would depend on her, so…Cindy decided to become a professional pet sitter, a job she found to be more pleasure than work.  She joined an […]

  • Pet Insurance 101: How It Works, What to Look For and Why You Need It

    The following article has been provided courtesy of Petplan pet insurance, who is also offering an exclusive 10% discount on policies to Adopt-a-Pet.com supporters. To learn more visit Petplan.   Pets are increasingly part of the household (they are certainly the easiest to get along with!), and like the rest of our family, they need […]