• What Does It Mean When My Cat Sheds Rapidly?

    There are many reasons I’m in awe of cats.  Number one, they’re so cool, calm and collected!  Number two, they’re confident – brazen even.   Personality wise alone, there is a lot I can learn from a cat! A third reason I’m amazed by felines is that despite their independence, they have huge emotional capacity.  Cats […]

  • Being a Good Pet Neighbor

    As you enjoy your pet’s companionship, a little extra effort on your part will teach her to be a good neighbor. Most communities require each cat in a household to be registered and some have limits on the number of cats one household can own. Keeping your cat indoors avoids problems with neighbors and protects […]

  • Why does a cat purr?

    Kitty purrs every time you pamper her with an afternoon petting – but how did purring come to be a sign of contentment? Kittens first start purring when mama spoils them with a suckling feast. This signals that her milk rations are successfully reaching their destination. Mom purrs back to confirm the message has been […]

  • Why do cats always seem to land on their feet when they fall?

    When a cat falls, it almost always seems able to land on all four feet. This ability – called the righting reflex – has been honed through thousands of years of evolution. Ever wonder how a feline accomplishes this incredible feat? During a free fall, the cat’s eyes send a message to the brain, which […]

  • Is it cruel to keep my cat inside all the time?

    Do closed doors mean a cat is cooped up or kept from harm? Some people assume that it’s cruel to keep a cat in the house all day, but indoor cats are often better off. In fact, veterinarians say they tend to be healthier and live longer. That’s because an indoor cat is less likely […]

  • I’d like to make a Garden for my Favorite Feline. What Plants might I include?

    Planting a custom cat garden for your kitty will make all of the other neighborhood cats green with envy. But what type of greens will your cat enjoy? As you might guess, no cat garden can be complete without a planting of catnip or cat mint. But that’s just for starters. Let your garden double […]

  • What information should I leave the pet sitter?

    If you’re going out of town and have hired a pet sitter, you’ll need to hand over more than the keys. Start by making a list of pertinent contact information including the names and numbers of your veterinarian, an after-hours emergency service; and a family member or friend you trust. Leave copies of your pet’s […]

  • Are you ready for a kitten?

    If you’re considering a cute, cuddly kitten companion, think about the commitment you’ll be making… for the next fifteen to twenty years. Can you afford high quality food, litter, vaccinations, and annual veterinarian visits? Consider your lifestyle and travel routine, too. Kittens are cute…but they are also mischievous; you’ll need to kitten-proof your home, and […]

  • Cat Life Stages

    Here are some normal behaviors for each cat life stage: Birth to 16 weeks Just learning her way around, your kitten may be playful, but most likely shy. Click here for more information on how to care for your new kitten. 16 weeks to 1 year Your kitten will likely still be very playful and […]

  • How long do cats generally live?

    Generally speaking, the average cat’s life span is twelve to fifteen years. But in a healthy, safe environment and with proper nutrition and good veterinary care, a cat can live to be twenty years of age or more. The oldest cats on record lived well into their thirties. As a general rule, outdoor cats don’t […]