• What can I do to help make sure my pet will be rescued in the event of an emergency?

    Veterinary Technician Virginia Rud of the Minnesota School of Business says that when it comes to protecting a pet during an emergency, it’s critical to plan ahead. She says, “making sure that the whole family is in on the plan, that everyone knows what their part is, is going to make it so much smoother.” […]

  • How do I choose the correct collar size for my cat?

    Whether your cat is an outdoor cat or kept strictly indoors, she should wear a collar with ID tags at all times. Many an unidentified cat has ended up abandoned in a shelter after a natural disaster such as fire or flood, or even a simple accident such as a door being left open. Your […]

  • Watch Out for these Poisonous Plants!

    Some of the following plants can be toxic to your cat. Check with your veterinarian before having them in your home. Aloe Vera Apple (seeds) Apricot (pit) Asparagus Fern Azalea Bird of Paradise Buckeye Caladium Castor Bean Charming Dieffenbachia Chinese Evergreen Clematis Corn Plant Croton Cutleaf Philodendron Cyclamen Devil’s Ivy Dracaena Palm Dumb Cane Elaine […]

  • Emergency First Aid Tips for Cats

    In an emergency, keep a level head and quickly get your cat to the veterinarian. Call first. If your doctor’s office is not open, call the nearest emergency pet clinic. Keep emergency phone numbers near your telephone. Unless you have been trained and are absolutely positive you can administer CPR to your cat, it is […]