• Caring for your Older Cat

    Maturing — Aging How can you tell when your cat is getting old? On the outside, she may look much the same, and she probably still loves to bat her toy mouse around the kitchen floor and take naps sprawled across your hand-knitted heirloom afghan. But inside her body, time may be taking its toll. […]

  • I’m getting a new kitten. What supplies will I need to purchase before I bring her home?

    Bringing home a new kitten is an exciting experience. But before your little ball of fluff crosses the threshold, you’ll need to get a few items that will help make the transition safe, clean and fun. Here’s a checklist: Collar and ID tag—essential even if kitty stays indoors. Covered litter box, litter, and a good […]

  • Welcoming your New Kitten

    The thought of bringing home a new kitten can be at once exciting and overwhelming. Here are some kitten-specific suggestions that will help make your new friend’s welcome a warm and lasting one. Kitten-Proof Your Home Keep small items such as tinsel, rubber bands, buttons and beads out of reach–your kitten could choke on them. […]

  • Socialization

      Cats like stability so an environmental or social change may have a pronounced effect on their behavior. Your cat will adapt, but it may take some time. Tips for Introducing a New Cat to Your Old One All cats are different. Some are social and will readily accept a new cat. Others are not […]

  • What should I expect the first night with my kitten?

    Allowing your new kitten to sleep with you on her first night home may help her feel more secure. However, while some kittens sleep through the night, others cat nap, waking up periodically all ready to play. If kitty’s nocturnal antics are keeping you from sleeping, you may need to confine her to her own […]

  • How do I kitten proof my house?

    Consider that old expression about curiosity and the cat, and kitten-proof your house before bringing home a new pet. Remove breakables, put safety locks on the cabinets, store all food in the locked cabinets, and keep the toilet lid and the doors to your dryer and oven closed. Consider using benign cleaners like vinegar and […]

  • Home Safe Home

    Even cats that spend most of their time indoors may be exposed to a number of potential hazards. The following list will help keep your home safe and sound for your cat. Be aware of the plants you have in your house and in your yard. The ingestion of a poisonous plant may be fatal. […]

  • What can I do to help make sure my pet will be rescued in the event of an emergency?

    Veterinary Technician Virginia Rud of the Minnesota School of Business says that when it comes to protecting a pet during an emergency, it’s critical to plan ahead. She says, “making sure that the whole family is in on the plan, that everyone knows what their part is, is going to make it so much smoother.” […]

  • How do I choose the correct collar size for my cat?

    Whether your cat is an outdoor cat or kept strictly indoors, she should wear a collar with ID tags at all times. Many an unidentified cat has ended up abandoned in a shelter after a natural disaster such as fire or flood, or even a simple accident such as a door being left open. Your […]

  • Watch Out for these Poisonous Plants!

    Some of the following plants can be toxic to your cat. Check with your veterinarian before having them in your home. Aloe Vera Apple (seeds) Apricot (pit) Asparagus Fern Azalea Bird of Paradise Buckeye Caladium Castor Bean Charming Dieffenbachia Chinese Evergreen Clematis Corn Plant Croton Cutleaf Philodendron Cyclamen Devil’s Ivy Dracaena Palm Dumb Cane Elaine […]