• Why Might I Want to Consider Adopting an Older Dog Instead of a Puppy?

    Would you like to get a new dog that’s already housebroken, already had his shots, already been spayed or neutered, and who’s more than willing to learn a few new tricks? It sounds too good to be true, but a family-friendly older dog can be all that, and more. You may think you want a […]

  • What is a High Prey Drive and What Breeds Tend to Have It?

    Dogs chase after toys, bones, small animals—you name it. This age-old habit is a survival instinct. Wild dogs need to be good hunters in order to chase food all the way down to a full belly. That’s why the urge to chase things is known as prey drive. Our domesticated pups have retained this drive—some […]

  • Which Dog Breeds Require the Most Exercise?

    The dogs that need the most exercise are breeds that were developed to work long hours for a living, such as herding dogs and bird dogs. Among these relentlessly hard-working types are Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, German Shorthaired Pointers, Jack Russell Terriers, and Dalmatians. They’re frisky, inquisitive, and always ready to go. High energy dogs […]

  • What Breeds Tend to be Well-Suited to Apartment Life?

    You might automatically assume that a Great Dane won’t fare well in a city apartment. But if you’re choosing a breed to live with you in a small space, you’ll need to consider more than size. The amount a dog barks and its energy level are often even more important. For example, quiet breeds such […]

  • Children’s Roles in Pet Care

    First, it’s great that you want to share the responsibility of pet ownership with your children. However, it’s important that you assign age-appropriate tasks. Here are a few examples of what you may expect: Toddlers A toddler can help parents with pet care simply by being involved — “helping” a parent fill food and water […]

  • When I play Tug-of-war With My Dog, he Often Tries to Hang by His Teeth? Is this Dangerous?

    Dogs that love to play tug-of-war bring a lot of excitement and determination to the game. They may hold onto that tug toy so tightly that you can actually pick them up by their teeth if you’re strong enough. But experts say that’s not a good idea. Bones and teeth may become damaged in the […]

  • When My Dog Plays With Her Toys, Why Does She Often Grab Them and Shake Them Repeatedly?

    Dogs have a natural inclination to chase, capture and kill prey. From the Dachsund to the Saint Bernard, dogs will exhibit this instinct when playing with toys. It’s called the prey drive. Dog owners know this scene. The pet grabs a toy and shakes it violently. It looks like he’s having fun – and he […]

  • What are Some of the Organized Sport Activities I Can Enjoy With My Dog?

    When your puppy wants to play, he probably won’t try to play it cool. Instead, he’ll make a strong play for your attention by bowing or pawing the air. The play-bow is the most common way that a dog invites a person or another pup to play. With his ears alert and tail wagging, a […]

  • Why Shouldn’t I Leave my Dog in the Car While I Run Errands?

    During the summer months, we try many different things to beat the heat. It’s important for our pets to stay cool, too. For example, pet owners often leave their dogs in the car while running an errand, but during the summer, this can prove fatal. Your car can quickly turn into an oven. In fact, […]

  • During Winter, How Do I Know if its too Cold to Let My Dog Outside to Play?

    Snow and ice can bother a dog’s feet, but most medium and large breeds can still go on a winter run or walk. A rule of thumb for the average Labrador Retriever is – if you can exercise without a face mask, he should do fine. But wash your dog’s feet off when he comes […]