• Why Shouldn’t I Leave my Dog in the Car While I Run Errands?

    During the summer months, we try many different things to beat the heat. It’s important for our pets to stay cool, too. For example, pet owners often leave their dogs in the car while running an errand, but during the summer, this can prove fatal. Your car can quickly turn into an oven. In fact, […]

  • During Winter, How Do I Know if its too Cold to Let My Dog Outside to Play?

    Snow and ice can bother a dog’s feet, but most medium and large breeds can still go on a winter run or walk. A rule of thumb for the average Labrador Retriever is – if you can exercise without a face mask, he should do fine. But wash your dog’s feet off when he comes […]

  • How Can I Make My Yard Safer and More Pleasant for my Dog?

    If you’re lucky enough to have an enclosed yard for your dog, you may want to take a few simple steps to make it even safer and more pleasant for your pet. Start by picking up any debris and carefully checking the fence for holes. You may also want to consider investing in an invisible […]

  • What are the Benefits of Microchips and How Do They Work?

    One of a pet owners greatest fears is getting separated from their pet. Now, many shelters and veterinarians are installing identification chips on pets. It’s a hi-tech way to resolve the separation anxiety of losing a pet. A microchip implant is a tiny integrated circuit placed under the skin of a dog or cat. The […]

  • Weather Precautions

    Just as we care for ourselves differently at different times of the year, we should be sensitive to our dog’s needs during colder and warmer weather conditions. COLD WEATHER CARE Well-nourished dogs, are better prepared to withstand the rigors of winter, particularly if housed outdoors. Outdoor dogs normally need more food to generate enough energy […]

  • Home Safe Home

    Even pets that spend most of their time indoors may be exposed to a number of potential hazards. The following list will help keep your home safe and sound for your dog or cat. Be aware of the plants you have in your house and in your yard. The ingestion of a poisonous plant can […]

  • Poisonous Plants

    Some of the following plants can be toxic to your dog. Check with your veterinarian before having them in your home. * Aloe Vera * Apple (seeds) * Apricot (pit) * Autumn Crocus * Baby’s Breath * Branching Ivy * Buddhist Pine * Calla Lily * Ceriman * Cherry (seeds and wilting leaves) * Cineraria […]

  • Emergency First Aid Tips

    In an emergency, keep a level head and quickly get your dog to the veterinarian. Call first. If your doctor’s office is not open, call the nearest emergency pet clinic. Keep emergency phone numbers near your telephone. Unless you have been trained and are absolutely positive you can administer CPR to your dog, it is […]