• Dog Travel: Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

    You’re ready to get out of town for a little R & R, but you’re uncertain whether traveling with your dog in tow will provide either of those Rs. For the well-prepared dog owner, traveling with a pet is a fun and rewarding experience. If staying with friends at your destination, don’t assume your dog […]

  • Traveling With Your Pet Tips

    Thanks to our friend at the Animal League for sharing these helpful tips for traveling with your furry friend! Some pets really enjoy traveling with their families on vacation – we’ve seen quite a menagerie of pets happily ensconced in their RV rolling down the highway! Other pets need their owner’s help to not get […]

  • Small Pets and Summer Travel

    Summertime is full of sunshine and often families like to take a vacation. It can be stressful to know what to do with your animals when you go away, especially if you’d like to try to take them with you. When it comes to small pets such as gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats and mice, […]

  • Keep Your Pet Safe Camping & Around Water

    This post comes from our friends over at Paw Prints Magazine. Recently they hosted a story from Dale Smith, a Kansas City resident who enjoys the outdoors, and includes his Border Collie Keegan when he adventures out. Dale learned a valuable lesson recent on a fly fishing trip to Roaring River State Park. Dale explains […]

  • Earn a Dollar for Homeless Pets With a Single Click!

    Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is so much nicer to stay at a hotel with your best furry friend right at your side Hotel Indigo will let you do just that, and you can help earn a dollar for homeless pets right now, just by clicking the  Hotel Indigo’s ‘Like’ button […]

  • What Your Pet Thinks of Moving

    Moving can be an incredibly stressful event for you and your family. Often, we’re so wrapped up in the stress we’re feeling that we forget that this is a difficult time for our pets, too! Pets are truly creatures of habit, and change can be very scary and unsettling for them. In addition, pets are […]

  • Traveling With Pets Guide

    What better way to really connect with your furry companion than to vacation together, and you don’t even have to pack an extra bathing suit for your pet. Of course, sometimes we travel with a pet because we must, like during a cross-country move. Whatever the reason, everybody (including your pet) needs to get to […]