We are loving the new series of blog articles over at CatooDesign.com! The section is called “Team Cattoo” and spotlights animal rescue groups and organizations that proudly wear their love of cats… in permanent ink tattoos! The first article has photos from one team of rescuers from the San Francisco SPCA, and shows the incredible range of designs that are possible within the category of cattoo tattoos. They have one of the most impressve collections of cattoos ever! Some of the other categories on the CattoDesign.com website include different characters and artists (think Hello Kitty and Cheshire Cat), Styles like Tribal and Black & Grey, and even breed categories like Maine Coon, Siamese and Domestic. The art is amazing, and if you’re looking for inspiration, or just to appreciate the designs, there’s lots to see!

If you work with an animal rescue group that collects cattoos, please submit your photos and stories and they’ll add you to their Team Cattoo section.