We just love it when animal-loving sites like the Wet Nose Guide feature pets for adoption! This week their adorable dog blogger Sweetie The Papillon picked another equally adorable adoptable to highlight and help find a home. Chewie, a mature Cocker Spaniel mix, is available through Adopt-a-Pet.com. He’s located in the Manhattan area, neutered, house trained, and up to date with shots. He gets along well with children, but doesn’t see eye-to-eye with cats. He’s one of the friendliest dogs around and found his way to a shelter after his owner became too ill to care for him.

He enjoys the company of others so much that his whole body breaks out into a wiggle of excitement!  At 8 years of age, Chewie is an adult and although he is evenly tempered, at times he can be nervous with new people and places. Those who know Chewie best believe he’d be a great addition to gentle families with children ages 9 and up. He enjoys meal time most, but prefers to enjoy his food on his own (he may growl or snap if you try to take it away from him)…but, who can blame him? After a long day of waggin’ he needs his energy, right? Check out a video of that tail in action! You can see his Adopt-a-Pet.com listing here: http://www.adoptapet.com/pet5841396.html

Thanks Wet Nose Guide for supporting pet adoption!

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