Last week, the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs (ACC&D) awarded its first EsterilSol grant! The grant will allow a clinic in Colombia to sterilize 750 male dogs by injection. EsterilSol is an injection that sterilizes male dogs without changing their male appearance or behaviors, which is important to many dog owners, particularly in some cultures.

The clinic receiving the grant is Sentir Animal in Felidia, Columbia. Sentir Animal’s projects for companion animals include weekend sterilization and education clinics in communities in and around Cali, Colombia. Many owners refuse to have their male dogs castrated because they don’t want them emasculated; only 14% of the dogs brought into the clinics are male. Cost of surgery is another obstacle for Sentir Animal. A faster and less expensive method of sterilization will allow them to help more dogs with sterilization and owner education.

The grant will cover training-related travel expenses and help purchase injections for over 750 dogs.

You can read more about ACC&D on their website or their Facebook cause, “Sterilize a needy dog with a $4 injection.

(photo: Outside a Sentir Animal clinic in Felidia, Colombia)