We received another #AskKatya question on our Facebook wall! Kari wrote in to seek help with her dog’s tendency to lunge and bark at other dogs while on walks and on leash, even though he gets along great with dogs off leash. This Woof University training video is dedicated to answering that very question! Leash aggression or leash reactivity is a common problem, often caused by fear or insecurity about interacting with other pups while feeling constricted by the leash. Creating a greeting ritual for you and your dog can make all the difference! By having a consistent routine for your pooch that you can use on walks, you can avoid the lunging and barking, teach him how to greet other dogs on leash, and offer your pet a safe and positive experience. Once dogs meet one another, the curiosity is usually quenched and the reactivity subsides.

This is an effective tool that gives your dog the structure he or she needs when dealing with other dogs on leash. Best of all, it comes from you therefore enforcing the human-animal bond! Make sure to keep the meet-up short and sweet, then carry on with your walk. Greeting rituals are great to use with dogs who do like other canines. Just make sure to ask if the other dog is friendly, too, before you do an introduction! However, when it comes to pups who don’t care for others, a greeting ritual is not appropriate. Crossing the street, practicing “sit” as the other pooch passes, or making sure to walk your pet during off hours when the chance of encountering other dogs is less likely are better recommendations for dogs who don’t like other dogs.

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