kitten-fort-dyiKittens love forts! They also love new things, so DYI kitten forts that you can reconfigure easily and for free are not only tons of fun for kittens, they’re fun for you and your family too! This is going to be one of the easiest DIY projects you’ve ever done, or a great one to take on as your first Do It Yourself project. All you need are a few simple items that you may have in your home already, and some creativity.

Basic Kitten Fort Supply list:

1. Cardboard boxes. Avoid boxes that held anything that might be toxic to kittens. Sizes that work best are small to medium, think of cat carrier sizes. Big enough to hide inside, not too big that they can jump up or down safely.

2. Towel.

3. Optional: Strong scissors or a utility knife.

4. Essential: Creativity.

That’s all you need! I personally like using three different size boxes.

To construct the fort, arrange boxes next to each other. I put my three boxes, turned on their sides, with the openings turned towards each other, like tents around a campfire. Then I drape a towel over the top of the boxes, to make a roof over the open space between them. If I’m feeling crafty, up on a table out of kitten reach I’ll cut some kitten doors and “mouse” holes into the cardboard so the kittens can stick their paw through. Make them big enough so they wont get stuck, but not so big they’ll try to put their head through the paw openings.

Last step: release the kittehs! But really, they’ve been helping you all along, right?

PS. photos are my foster kittens! You can offer to be a volunteer foster home at