Looking for a little inspiration for a costume for your cat on Howl-o-ween? Our friends over at Petcentric  posted this cute little 2 minute video hosted by “MeanKitty” and his very tolerant cats, showing off the DIY designs he made for them: Cat-fish, cat-erpillar, octo-puss, a cat spider, and my personal favorite with the sparkling wiggling fire trails is Rocket Kitty! As MeanKitty points out, most cats aren’t exactly thrilled about wearing costumes, but for a sewing or “assembly” (see my note in the next paragraphy) project to create outfits for a few photos, many cats won’t mind – mine like the attention and also like giving me the “I’m tolerating this for you to take my photo and show the world how adorable I am” look!

When I say assembly, for something that only has to stay together for a few photos, I didn’t think it was worth it to pull out my sewing machine. I made my Rocket Kitty costume cutting out the right size “tube” and some fabric glue to stick on the halloween-theme colored sparkly pipe cleaners. I used the  velcro strips MeanKitty suggests to be able to attach it around my white cats belly. She really took off with the Rocket Kitty idea though – she LOVES pipecleaners as toys, and having some attached to her did not last long enough for any photos that showed anything other than a white blur. But both of us had a lot of fun!

There are no step-by-step instructions in the video or on the page, but it was good for a quick watch, to get inspired to have a little cat fun. Enjoy!