CorrokittyOur friends over at Hausepanther brought these genius ideas to our attention: Do It Yourself feral cat structures you can make from recycled political yard signs! Or brand new Coroplast plastic if you’d rather choose a solid color scheme. The creator is a industrial design student from Houston, Texas named Chris Peterson. Chris calls his awesome kitty habitats Corrokitty and it’s not just one design either, but quite a selection! We can’t decide if we like the Barrel Cat with its cute little ears and feet best, or one of the hexagon designs. We love the modern simplicity of the folded box styles too! Even Chris’ research is summed up in a pretty little infographic. Our hats are off to anyone compassionate enough to take on the responsibility for caring for one or more feral cats, and folks like Chris who use inguinity (and a great sense of style) to make that caretaking not only cheaper, but nice-looking too! Chris writes on his Corrokitty blog, “If you are interested in purchasing a Corokitty kit or making one as a DIY project please email me at I would also love to know what you think about the shelter.” We’re sure the feral caretakers and their kitties appreciate it.