For some time I’ve been eyeing some of the amazing Ikea Stolmen pole creations creative DIY folks have been constructing for cats. But the latest discovery on the Hauspanther blog (formerly may be the one that motivates me to brave the Ikea crowds and break out the drill and nontoxic glue gun. Looks like the floating Ikea wall shelves too, stud mounted for strength. Despite the thoughtful layout and inventive idea, the photos aren’t incredibly inspiring… but watch the video here! The creator’s cat watches as she tosses a toy up on to grass carpet lined shelf, and the fun begins. I have one young foster cat who can leap tall cat trees in a single bound, and I know he’d so appreciate something fun and challenging with a high perch reward like this! Climbing and creating new environmental stimulation is so important for cats, especially young ones. Taking the time and putting in the effort to enrich and indoor cat’s life with new things to climb, and playing games like this owner does with her cat fetching the toy helps cats stay happy and healthy. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

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