Some of us might have seen our cats watching birds or fish on our TV screen. Most of us have cats who love to look out the window. It’s all Cat TV. Their instincts demand it. Cats ambush. This takes planning. This takes reconnoitering. A cat’s vision is very motion-sensitive. They are constantly on alert to “signs of prey.” Part of a cat’s fascination with the movie credits were how they mimicked motions in nature. While it was symbolic (there was no actual prey on the screen) he saw similar patterns. We have given our sunniest window to the cats, because the kitty grass will grow there. It’s a wonderful balcony seat to what goes on three stories below, too. Squirrels climb trees, birds fly past, chipmunks work in the rock wall at the neighbor’s. Tiny people walk down the street and tiny cars go by.

One of our favorite cat authors at the wonderful Way of Cats blog noticed how their cat Tristin watched the movie credits on the TV one rainy afternoon, and wrote a great blog article about cats watching TV, plus at the end look for the two links to their other articles to read more about the Cat TV concept and explore movies to watch with our cat!