Woof University is our series of pet-related training tips, and this week we’re focusing on what to do if you have a dog who uses his mouth too much! Commonly referred to as “mouthing“, this is not to be confused with biting or aggression. Mouthing commonly occurs during play, times of excitement, or sometimes during a stressful situation. Puppies tend to mouth even more as they learn proper bite inhibition. But left without proper training, mouthing can become a problem or cause someone to become uncomfortable or even afraid of your dog. Click here to watch a video on training tips for dealing with mouthiness, and learn about how you can help curb this behavior!

By using positive reinforcement, you can teach your dog to give you what you want and strengthen your human-animal bond. Please remember to seek the help of a certified, professional, positive-reinforcement based dog trainer in your area for further assistance with mouthiness or other issues.

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