Canine HydrotherapyWhat’s one of the hot up-and-coming ways for rehabilitating Rover?  Canine Hydrotherapy! So many dogs love playing in the water, and as it turns out, playing, floating and swimming in water is an excellent therapy for many dogs with arthritis, spinal injuries, degenerative myelopathy, obesity and other conditions. Hydrotherapy for humans has been around for quite some time, but it is now really starting to catch on for dogs. Hydrotherapy basically makes exercise easier on the joints, since the buoyancy of water makes a body practically weightless. It also takes more energy to move body and limbs through the water, making exercise more therapeutic. But not everyone has easy access to a warm-enough swimming pool, pond or lake, and safely swimming smaller dogs in a home bathtub can be tricky. Not to worry, dog-savvy businesses are paddling up to fill the need!  A canine hydrotherapy facility usually has a small, heated indoor pool, specially designed with a ramp to make it easy for dogs to get in and out of the water. The pool may have water jets that work as massagers and as a force to swim against. Some facilities also have underwater doggie treadmills!