You know the yellow-covered books in the “For Dummies” serious that are how-to guides for just about everything? Well, Dog Photography has finally joined those illustrious (and well-illustrated) bookshelves! It’s an incredibly thorough guide with 18 chapters covering all the basics, advanced techniques, and (our favorite) even a chapter called “Pro-Bone-O: Morethan Ten Tips for Giving Back” that focuses on using dog photography to help shelter and rescue animals, and the particular challenges photographing shelter dogs pose.

I haven’t read all 300 pages yet, but after thumbing through and admiring all the beautiful color photos, being a shelter pet photographer, jumped right to Chapter 17. Although I don’t need some of the guidance they start off with, like identifying local shelters and rescues and understanding the differences, I really appreciate they’ve included that information for others who are just starting out wanting to help shelter dogs. Being experienced in photographing shelter dogs, I can definitely say their information and tips for “Making the Best of the Shelter Setting” and “Offering Your Help without Creating Extra Work for the Rescue” are spot-on. It is clear that the authors have not only professional photography experience, but experience (and great advice!) navigating being a photography volunteer at a shelter.

There are some other great tips in this section that aren’t related to photographing dogs in shelters too! Like “Donating a Portion of Your Session Fees as a Fundraiser”, “Donating Packages for Silent Auctions” and “Hosting Special Events as a Fundraiser” which are all great ideas!

I’m really looking forward to exploring the rest of this book, and also using it for a reference, like if I ever get the chance to set up a “studio-style” session at a shelter, I’ll know where to turn (Chapter 7). All-in-all this is a GREAT book for anyone that is interested in dog photography, shelter and rescue dog photography, or as a gift for someone in your life who is or might be.

We give it five out of five: paws up!
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You can find Dog Photography for Dummies on for $16