We are so happy to share this lovely letter which we received from Moira McLaughlin, from Dog Art Today.  We hope you enjoy reading it, and that you’re proud to be among this community of pet lovers – together we are celebrating all animals as being works of art!  “Thank you, Adopt-a-Pet.com, for all that you do! I am a big advocate for pet adoption. Adopting my new dog, Tyler, helped me heal after the heartbreak of losing my 17-year-old Dachshund, Darby.  I know that charities like yours are responsible for saving the lives of thousands of dogs like Tyler!

I have a theory that dogs are responsible for the creation of art in many cultures.  Just as dogs fended off predators and allowed humans to cultivate crops, store body fat, grow larger brains, and think new thoughts beyond survival, so too, dogs give artists the space to create, the ability to handle solitude, and the motivation to step outside, go for a walk, and look to nature for inspiration.  My video “Dogs in Art,” is a three-minute montage that celebrates this idea.

What strikes me, too, is that the feeling of joy and connection I had working on this video was similar to the feeling I had searching for a pet to adopt: clicking on each new face, discovering more about them, smiling at their smiles or empathizing with their tender looks of hope and concern.   When I think about this parallel experience, I have a new theory; that dogs don’t just help create works of art, but that dogs are works of art.

I hope that Adopt-a-Pet.com can help you find not only your muse, but your masterpiece.”

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