hot-cars-infographic-ASPCADogs can really enjoy a ride a car, but just like it’s now illegal in many states to leave a child in a car even for a moment, leaving pets in cars is NOT a good idea! Check out the infographic above created by the caring and knowledgable folks at the ASPCA. Even if it is a balmy 70 degrees outside, and you’ve left your car windows cracked and parked in the shade, especially if the sun moves and you loose part or all of that shade, the temperature in your car can be as much as 20 degrees hotter! What should you do if you see an animal left in a car on a hot day? As the infographic says, first try to quickly locate the owner, or call 911 and stay by the car until help arrives. If you’d like a printable PDF version of the infographic above, go to the ASPCA’s blog article and click on the¬†Don’t Leave your Pet in The Car infographic¬†here. Thank you for caring about the well-being of pets and sharing this infographic (you can easily do so by clicking the social icons below) to spread the word and keep pets safe: Don’t leave your pet in the car!