If you like drinking root beer and supporting pet adoption, have we got a combo for you! Margo’s Bark is an all-natural root beer from a family-owned company who donates 100% of their profits to help shelter dogs. In the Spring of 2008, it occurred to Tim and Jessica Youd while helping his son with a school science fair project, that it might be fun to buy a root beer kit to study carbonation and the process yeast undergoes when it interacts with sugar and heat.

Oscar (the son) soon developed a knack for tasting and perfecting the process of brewing root beer. After rave reviews, and a science fair award, Oscar and his family wanted to expand their new found talent and share not only the taste of the new root beer, but also the proceeds. Fittingly they named the beverage after their black lab-pit bull rescue dog named Margo.

Margo is proud that her legacy as the official spokesdog for Margo’s Bark Root Beer will be that of benefiting her four legged friends who need help finding homes.

Made from all-natural cane sugar, molasses and a hint of vanilla, Margo’s Bark is a full bodied and earthly tribute to an American classic. This root beer recipe has undertones of clove, cassia, nutmeg and wintergreen to give it a spicy kick and yucca extract finishes off the recipe to give it a thick and foamy head. Replacing corn syrup with cane sugar in Margo’s recipe allows Oscar and his pals a cleaner and healthier rendition of what is usually a very sweet and sticky carbonated beverage. Margo’s Bark is currently available in Los Angeles at Tender Greens, Larchmont Larder, Potato Chips, The Urban Pet and LA Dogworks. This summer, Margo’s Bark will be available in all Whole Foods locations throughout Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii and all Southern California Bristol Farms locations. For updates on additional availability, please visit www.margosbark.com.