puppy eating
Did you adopt a new puppy? The first few weeks with a puppy can be overwhelming, with the dozens of decisions there are to make for your new best friend. Feeding can be especially daunting since nutrition is the cornerstone of your dog’s health.

Wondering what to feed your puppy? Here’s the rule: puppies need puppy food.

Puppy food may not look all that different from adult dog food, but there are specific nutrients in puppy formulas that are tailored for young pups. Your puppy’s unique nutritional requirements include higher protein for muscles, DHA for brain development, and the proper amount (not just more) of calcium for strong bones and teeth.

Puppies are also little eating machines! Because they are growing at a rapid rate, they usually need to eat more than the average adult dog. Use the Puppyhood puppy feeding chart  from our friends at Purina to find out how much food you should feed your puppy based on his age in months and expected weight at maturity.

The calculations don’t stop there though, not only do puppies need to eat more than adult dogs, they tend to get hungry faster than older dogs. You should feed a young puppy three times a day and an older puppy twice a day.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get out there are choose the food you want to give your new pup. If you’re stumped, Purina® Puppy Chow® may be a good option for your dog. It’s made especially for puppies with the essential nutrients to help them grow up right. You can also use this handy food selector to filter for your puppy’s specific needs.

puppy feeding guidelines