Findtoto-logoIf you’ve ever lost a pet, you know how frantic you felt in that moment you realized he or she was missing. We’ll bet you wished for a way to instantly notify all your neighbors to be on the lookout. Now there’s a way to do just that. FindToto is an amazing service that telephones up to 10,000 households in your area to alert them about your missing pet. You pay according to the package you select: notifying 250 households will cost $85.00, and prices go up to $875 if you want 10,000 neighbors to be called.

FindToto is also useful when you find a stray pet without a collar or other ID. In fact, staff member Laurie Wisneski recently tried the service after finding a dog in her front yard. She opted to call 250 of her neighbors, and less than a minute after being notified that the calls had gone out, she received a call from the pup’s relieved owner. How’s that for effective? We love FindToto!