If you haven’t heard the message yet, now’s the time, and we’ll tell you why: Keep your pets inside so they’ll be safe this 4th of July! As our spokesperson Pia says on her blog today, “…even though fireworks are illegal in many places, there are invariably plenty of neighborhood patriots still lighting them off at all hours for the days before and after the 4th. Naturally, these random sounds spook even the most secure critter to run for cover… myself included.” She covers many of the same Fireworks 4th of July Pet Safety Tips that we listed in our blog last week, but also mentions: “Given that canine hearing is far more sensitive than humans, exposure to fireworks is not only far from festive, but may even be painful to pooches. A dog’s ears are shaped in such a way that they amplify sound. They also hear noise over a greater distance and at a wider frequency range than humans do.

Statistics reveal that more dogs, go missing over the 4th of July than any other US holiday. Spooked dogs also tend do run farther, as the noise continues, than they might otherwise, which makes the chance of their safe return even less likely. This is tragic and preventable.”

Thanks Pia, for the excellent info.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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