Old Buddy Want to try some new way to help animals but you don’t know how, consider creating a Flower Power for Senior Dogs campaign for your local rescue or shelter! Senior dogs make amazing companions. They are loving, mellow, already established and wise! Flower Power for Senior Dogs is an annual fundraising campaign idea started by The Grey Muzzle Organization (read more about them below), created by hopes to bring brighter days to homeless senior dogs through an online floral boutique and retail campaign. Though their campaign only runs in the spring, with a focus on bulbs and other floral items that can be purchased and planted, anyone at any time can be inspired and follow their strategy of working with  local community florists, pet supply stores, and any other retail shops to help raise money for senior dogs in need.

Retailers that participate in The Grey Muzzle Organization’s Flower Power campaign are invited to show their Flower Power by buying colorful paper flowers (yours could be created by local artists, school children or volunteers) to adorn their store windows. The funds you raise could be donated to local shelter or senior dogs rescue groups. The goal is to develop community awareness about the need to help and love the many unwanted senior dogs in local shelters.

The Grey Muzzle Organization (www.greymuzzle.org) works to improve the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and other non-profit groups nationwide. Their programs include hospice care, supporting senior dog adoption (they are not a rescue group or shelter themselves), medical screening, and other programs designed to specifically help older dogs.