Kids say the cutest things. And when you mix kids and pets, there’s no telling what will happen!  We thought it would be fun to create some videos with our kids talking about our pets.  We came up with the following questions for you to ask your kids and video tape their answers.  You can ask any or all of these, and your pets can be in the video or not.  Then, either email the files (if they are not too big) to, or use this link to upload your video files to form your computer:  We’ll take the best videos we get and edit them together to share with the world.  What we create will not only be cute, but will show the world how cute kids and pets are together and hopefully get some pets adopted!

Here are our suggested questions:

1.  Can you do an imitation of your pet?

2.  Why do you love your pet?

3.  How do you know your pet loves you?

4.   When you are away from home, what do you miss about your pet?

5.  How does your pet play with you?

6.  If your pet could talk like a person, how would s/he sound and what would s/he say?

7.  If your pet could have a wish come true, what would it be and why?

8.  if your pet or was a human what kind of job would s/he do when s/he goes to work?

9.  If you were a dog or a cat, what would you do with your day?

10.  What do you think your pet thinks about first thing in the morning?

11.  What do you think your pet’s perfect day would be like?

12.  If your pet could tell us something about your brother or sister, what would your pet tell us?

13.  What does your pet smell like?

14.  If you were a pet in a shelter that needed a home, what would you say to people right now to get them to adopt you and take you home?