N2 the Talking Cat: Preppy CatFunny, heartwarming, or just plain silly.  There are so many awesome pet-related videos out there that it’s hard to pick our favorites!  But here are some of our top choices, and we hope you enjoy them, too! Also, please check out our YouTube channel!  If you have videos on YouTube, why not use them to promote Adopt-a-Pet.com and help homeless pets find homes? You can easily include an annotation like “Looking for a new best friend? Check out www.AdoptaPet.com!” Then, let us know…we might include your video in our next newsletter! Now for our July picks for funny videos…

1) N2 the funniest talking cat releases his much anticipated music video “Preppy Cat”!  I dare you not to bust a move as you watch!

2) Love is to be expressed!  And that’s just what our pets do for us when we come home.  Submitted as part of our Best Welcome Home Ever campaign, we love Sara’s excitement each time her daddy walks through the door!

3) Um, someone might want to let this cat know he’s not a dog!  Is there anything cuter than a dog and cat who are the best if friends? Watch these adopted playmates have a blast!

4) Why wouldn’t a giant poop be big news at the dog park?  Check out the latest installment of Dog Park News (and don’t miss the ending)!


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