Below is a beautiful note we received from Patricia Chavous about the wonderful experience she had adopting not one, but TWO sweet polydactyl kittens (polydactyls, also known as Hemingway cats, have thumb-like appendages on their paws) from Whiskers in Waiting rescue:


I want to thank you for your efforts in saving animals.

I have been in animal rescue for many years, I have lost both legs and can no longer help in this way. All my pets have been rescues, we chose each other through fate and need.

My family has had polydactyls since my great grandmother. For once I decided to chose kitties and go back to my childhood. I felt guilty because I always wanted to help those that had the most need. helped me do that – I adopted two sibling polys from Missouri, from Whiskers in Waiting ten days ago.

They have fit in beautifully with my feral cats who have been with me for thirteen years. They have charmed everyone and have given my family great happiness.

Even though I am in a wheelchair, they climb the wheels when they are tired and sleep in my lap. They will be with my husband and me as long as they live.

Again, thank you.
Patricia Chavous