Congratulations to the Georgia House Rabbit Society, one of 10 grant recipients this month! One of the wonderful ways helps shelters and rescues get the pets in their ready for adoption is through grants from our Veterinary Care Fund.  At the end of 2013, we opened up the applications and they poured in from shelters and rescues across North America, eager for the funds to be able to help even more pets get the veterinary care they needed to get healthy and adopted. There were more than 900 applications! While of course we wish we could help them all, we are so grateful to our supporters and sponsors for the chance to distribute 10 grants of $1,000 each for the 2013 program. Drumroll please…. the first of the 10 is the Georgia House Rabbit Society!

As part of their grant application, the Georgia House Rabbit Society said, “…providing our buns with the medical care they deserve is expensive. We have excellent members and wonderful community support, but it takes an enormous effort to help save these precious little souls. We never skimp on medical care for any rabbit and with the generosity of grantors like Adopt-a-Pet, we will never have to.

I have attached four before-and-after picture series of some of the toughest warrior bunnies we’ve ever met. All of them faced terrible odds but pulled through and today are healthy, happy and loved. Details below.

Malibu, pictured above: We suspect she was actually set on fire. Her skin was scalded and her fur burned off on a large percentage of her body. Little Mali has been through so much. She was in pain and terrified but she made it! We’re so proud of Malibu and so happy she made her way to us!



Zazzle: Zazzle was found pregnant and limping with a broken leg in a grocery store parking lot. A compassionate soul brought her to us. With love and fast vet attention, she delivered five healthy baby buns and her leg healed very nicely. She had to wear a little pink cast for a while!

Mayflower: Poor Mayflower was so infested with mites she could not see or hear. Her fur had been slowly eaten away and her eyes and ears had become crusted over. It took some time, but our wonderful vet, Dr. Colby, helped nurse her back to health. Just look what a beautiful rabbit was underneath!

Marshmallow: Snow-white Marshmallow was dumped at a shelter that didn’t have the knowledge or resources to care for rabbits. His genitals were dangerously swollen and inflamed and his eyes were so crusted with mites he was nearly blind. When GHRS became aware of his presence at the shelter (from a photo on the shelter’s Facebook page) on a Saturday night, one of our volunteers tracked down the on-duty animal control officer, convinced him to let her in, and administered First Aid to the bunny. The next morning, he went straight to the vet. Look how lovely he is now!” is thrilled to be able to help the Georgia House Rabbit Society with a $1,000 grant for veterinary care for their bunnies, so they can continue to heal them and help them find new loving homes. Thank you Georgia House Rabbit Society, for the amazing bunny-saving work that you do!