image3“Hello! I would like to thank your organization immensely for introducing my husband and I to our two little loved ones, Artie and Ella. With the recent passing of my husband’s 17 year old Golden Retriever, we knew it would take some time and a lot of research before we were ready to adopt. I signed up to receive emails about any puppies available for adoption near us and up popped Artie and Ella. We knew we wanted to adopt a mixed breed and these little ones were Husky/German Shepherd mixes (at least that’s what we think) and were perfect! We emailed the rescue Monday morning and were able to adopt them on Tuesday evening! It’s been fun and challenging raising these two but we wouldn’t change it for the world. They are now in training classes and are very smart! We’re in agility classes and basic obedience. Artie acts more like a Husky while Ella has the temperament of a German. People would stop us on the street to ask where we got them and we would always say! Thank you again, here are a couple cute photos :)” — Even more photos below!

Thanks Kate C. for sending us your Happy Beginnings adoption story and photos!

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