Here’s a little story to put a smile on your face, because who doesn’t love reading happy adoption stories? (You can email us yours with photos to too!) Today’s Happy Beginnings happy adoption story just a very short note. We usually love hearing all the details about the pet’s personality, the adoption experience, and all the other juicy details. But sometimes there is an exception, and when they say a photo is worth a thousand words, they must have been thinking about Diamond’s three happy adoption photos! His adopter writes: “Thanks to, I found Diamond at the Barc Shelter in June. She has a wonderful home and we love each other equally unconditionally. We take a long walk every day and short walks in between. She loves to go to the beach and jump the waves and run and loves her baths afterwards. She is a wonderful little companion and she is happy… and I am happier! Thank you for bringing Diamond to me, Suzanne.” See Diamond’s other two photos below. Thank you Suzanne, for adopting a pet, and sharing your story!

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